4 Heavily traded Penny Stocks on watch this week incude: (PINK: PWEI) (PINK: TAGG) (OTC: PRTN) (OTC: SANP)

A look at 4 of the most heavily traded and promoted penny stocks in the market right now and where they are headed!

PacWest Equities Inc (PINK: PWEI) is Victory Mark's pick which has really surprised everyone and continued to produce huge gains for invetors; from  a start point of around $0.20 the stock rose as high as $0.70 before dropping back down to its $0.20 base again for round 2. Currently trading at $0.50 PWEI. Currently trading at a market valuation of just under $240 million PWEI has little fundamentals to back up this kind of valuation and will trade signiicantly lower in the long term.

TagLikeMe Corp. (PINK: TAGG) is AwesomePennyStocks pick that moved to a high of $0.28 the day that it was announced followed by a quick drop to a low of $0.10. Finally in an upswing the last few sessions TAGG closed at $0.1565 last night which is right at the top of its trading range. Currently trading at a market valuation of around $51 million TAGG is an old dirty pink sheet with no fundamentals or reall company to back it up. Once APS promotion is over TAGG will fall hard and much faster then it rose. TAGG will trade uder a nickel 30 days out count on it.
Pristine Solutions Inc (OTC: PRTN) Is another AwesomePennyStocks pick; infact they announced it not long before TAGG. Currently trading at $0.007 PRTN traded as high as $0.53 at the height of the APS promotion but has collapsed just as all of their previuos picks have. PRTN is a company that was specifically created for an APS promotion and has absolutly no fundamentals to back it up. Aside from the posability of  a dead cat bounce PRTN is over and will never again rise to even a fraction of its previous highs.
Santo Mining Corp. (OTC: SANP) is StockMarketAuthority (SMA) pick that has been the subject of a third and probably final short attack. Currently trading at $0.68 SANP like all SMA picks has not fundamentals to back anything up and intrinsicaly is worthless. The only value that remains in the stock is the possability that SMA will try to continue to promote it here however with the technicals now a disaster its becoming much harder for SMA to continue to create demand for the stock. While SANP certainly could bouce again the short term it will fall significaly from  current levels in the long term.
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  1. David says:

    I recently subscribe to Awesome Penny Stocks and was about to invest in TAGG when I decided to do alittle research on it. Thankfully I found this website!

  2. A.Parkin says:

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