A Hundred Million ($100,000,000) day for AwesomePennyStocks (APS) and Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. (PINK: VLNX)

APS already made tens of millions of dollars today.

Update: Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. (PINK: VLNX) has exploded in both price and volume in recent trading sessions, out of the blue the prior AwesomePennyStocks (APS) pick has exploded along with GWBU and PRTN both APS picks. Some Penny Stock Speculators may buy up positions in other disasters such as PGSY, RARS of AWSR in the hopes that APS comes to back to those ones to.
In any case VLNX is exploding in sub penny land on the heels of GWBU which has run from well under a penny to $0.035 currently trading at a market valuation of well under $2 million VLNX is priced right for short term explosive gains. I would not suggest people hold this long term. Its a 1 to 2 day swing trade at best.
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Original Article on VLNX back in the day: Today was a big day in Penny Stock World. For a little known Pink Sheet listed stock with no prior trading history it was a spectacular day. VLNX traded more in dollar volume today then most penny stocks will ever see in a lifetime; trading close to $100M in dollar volume VLNX exploded on the OTCBB. Starting around $0.25 the stock reached as high as $0.385 this afternoon before dropping back down to the low $0.30s before the close. VLNX closed at $0.305 on 308,256,651 shares traded.

There has been a huge debate on Ihub and elsewhere as to the authenticity of the emails officially announcing VLNX as APS next pick. While I have not seen many of them myself (APS unsubscribed me from all their newsletters after all my writings and I am still subscribing again with new private accounts) I don’t think it really matters anymore. VLNX is APS but will it perform like an official APS pick or a Speculation APS pick in coming day’s remains to be seen.

People seem to think that if APS officially announces VLNX that implies that there will be a multi-million dollar hard mailer campaign and a continued multi-week promotion pushing the stock to several dollars per share.

Some investors seem to be sure that VLNX will gap up tomorrow and continue to make massive gains in the coming weeks and are already predicting several dollars per share. While this is certainly possible they may be sorely disappointed if APS does the unexpected ( Or expected?) and really changes things up AGAIN.

That is certainly a possibility considering that VLNX is not exactly cut from the same cloth as say SNPK or GWBU. These were fully reporting companies on the OTCBB and started trading at a much higher price point. In fact GWBU was trading for well over $1 when APS announced it.

VLNX is a whole new ball game, this is a Pink Sheet listed stock (big step down from the bb’s) and it has already traded massive dollar volume at a much lower price point. Tomorrow we will know one way or the other what VLNX will do but I do urge people to remain very cautious here. 

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Vision Plasma Systems, Inc.
Timothy P. Volk CEO, Secretary
Garett Parsons
Shares Outstanding 375,148,786
Market Cap: $1,838,327

Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. is a technology company that has developed a Mobile Plasma Gasification System for the Complete Remediation of Hazardous Wastes. The power and opportunity in Vision Plasma System's proprietary Arc Master I lies in mobility and flexibility. The system can be located close to the source of hazmat, which largely eliminates the need for long haul transportation of dangerous materials on highway,rail and barge systems. The system also can be up and operating within one hour of arrival on site.

The Arc Master I mobile unit, the first of its kind, was designed to deploy a clean and green remediation solution to various worldwide corporations, military, government, and municipal customers. The unit is capable of converting up to 5 tons per day of hazardous wastes and other matter into syngas, net electricity, recyclable metal ingot, without any air emissions or ash from the gasification process. Built inside two (2) ISO 40' metal containers, The Arc Master I can be easily transported by truck, rail, ship, or plane worldwide to provide an fast and mobile solution to the remediation of all forms of waste.The Arc Master I mobile unit is entirely self-powering, creating its own energy from the waste that it processes, and creating up to 240KW of usable electricity at the site.

Plasma Arc Gasification has been in operation since the 1970's, with numerous large scale fixed facilities operating worldwide. Plasma ArcGasification is the safest and most effective way to eliminate all wastes, both hazardous and common municipal, and carries the added benefits of self-powering through the use of its own syngas, recovery of refined metals, and silica-based slag which can be used in ancillary building products. The plasma gasification process occurs in an oxygen starved reactor which creates zero emissions unlike that of incineration and pyrolysis operations which create harmful furans and dioxins. Plasma gasification has no flue and does not create an ash. Common incinerator ash is considered toxic and requires secondary containment and transportation is federally restricted.

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10 Responses to A Hundred Million ($100,000,000) day for AwesomePennyStocks (APS) and Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. (PINK: VLNX)


    From SeekingAlpha written at close on August 16 the day that VLNX traded $90M in dollar volume: 

    Conclusion: APS has a history of false alerts that have spelled huge losses for the investors that believed them. While I am not saying APS will not officially announce VLNX I am saying this is very high risk here, it does not follow the MO of a real APS pick, rather it follows the MO of another fake APS pick that will crash and burn just as quickly as it rose leaving a trail of bag holders in its bloody wake.



    The fact that the "official' APS alert was sent from a hushmail account should send shivers up the spines of anyone who bought into the hype today. My gut feeling on VLNX is not positive at all.

  3. raj says:

    Love the article.
    Im concerned about the deal they made with Japanese Company Cell inc. I dont seem to find any info about that company online!

  4. Jason says:

    I am wondering if I should buy more or get ready to sell and run!!?

  5. Bob Burnside says:

    I tried 2 buy vlnx this morning & ing shaerbuilders would not let me buy it…. what trading company do you like 4 otc


    Jason: We should know fairly early on tomorrow what VLNX is made of. The people on IHUB who are predicting it just sails on up to dollars per share are in for a rude awakening IMO

    We see what happens.


    Raj. I could not find anything on them either. If this was a legitimate co there would be plenty on google, there's nothing. Also I think this is their corp domain: http://cellrunner.com/ there is nothing on it.

  8. Jason says:

    I used scottrade I am on the edge to buy more or short it kinda want to make a move tonight but might wait for the first 15 min in the morning


    Looks as if my gut feeling was right on.

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