AwesomePennyStocks (APS) New Pick!

AwesomePennyStocks (APS) new pick is FARE

Update: APS pick SVEN. has collapsed. The new pick is FARE
After spending all weekend emailing everyone hyping them up to the new pick they were going to announce. APS, in usual sketchy fashion, releases SLIO on several affiliate sites including but not on any of their other main sites like
Now they send out an email canceling SLIO as their pick and the stock tanks just a like so many other APS speculation disasters that created countless bag holders such as VLNX, RARS, AWSR, PGSY and many others. Of course, anyone with half a brain knows the obvious. APS did not cancel the pick because of the way it traded. What happened today on SLIO was completely contrived and planed to happen this way from the start. Somebody made millions today.
Let’s watch SLIO tank the rest of the day and into tomorrow! check out the email from PSH below

AN APS affiliate emailed on SLIO

Recent picks such as Pristine Solutions, Inc (PINK: PRTN) did not fare so well however Taglikeme, Corp (PINK: TAGG) has made some great gains for investors although the stock has collapsed since.

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(below is APS pr pick pump email from 11/16/2012)
Hi Everyone,
After a few delays, we have finally nailed down the release date of our pick which will be sometime next week. 
Thank you for your patience and your excitement in our next profiled company. As you know our #1 goal is to keep our subscribers happy by showing them companies with huge upside potential!
This is why it is taking us so long to pick our next pick, we want to ensure that it fits our criteria and offers the most potential gains for all our members. 
For those who would like to get the alert early on our next pick make sure to check out :
For everyone else, there are no worries as we believe there will be plenty of opportunities and time for you to do your research on the company that will be revealed very soon. 
Keep checking your inbox for our newsletter, our next big alert will be announced in the upcoming days!
Your TitanStocks Editor.

Anyone who has been focused on Penny Stocks over the past few years is well aware of APS and their stock picks. While many investors do not agree with APS Godzilla approach to IR many have profited huge while many others have lots. The trick of course is to get into their picks early just as the pick is being announced and to take one’s profits at the height of the promotion. Many investors have tried to guess APS next pick and have played some of the APS speculation plays such as AWSR, PGSY or RARS.  All those stocks did nothing but create huge loses for any investor who got near them.

AwesomePennyStocks aka, MonsterStox, PennyStocksExpert, and many others also owns the website: HotOTC; purchased last year for US $1M Their previous 3 picks are GWBU, SNPK and NSRS.

Looking at the charts for the last 3 APS picks one see’s the pattern emerge immediately; A fast move up to the $2 level followed by a precipitous drop and collapse. I would use this pattern to trade all APS picks and to predict where the new ones will go. The key is to get in right when they announce it and take one’s profits early. I also don’t suggest buying into any of the APS speculation or rumor plays, the 3 recent ones have all collapsed. Only buy the stock if APS officially announces it and it’s still early like under $1 and sell at $1.50. As Soon as APS announces their next pick I will post it here in this post and post links here as well to my articles and reports on the Company.

The key to being a successful investor especially in Penny Stocks is to always take one’s profits. You don’t need to hit a home run every time, slow steady gains are the key to long term success. APS picks go up fast and down even faster; you don’t have to hit the absolute top, buy as soon as they announce it and take your profits – you don’t want to be around when it collapses.

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