BillMyParents Inc. (OTC: BMPI) Off to the Races! (Justin Bieber)

BMPI explodes on the OTCBB!

Update: Since this article was initially written on BMPI a lot has happened. The stock ran to highs of $0.90 in late August before dropping back down in September and October. The stock hit a low of $0.41 in early November and has been upward bounce since on increasing volume.
BMPI exploded on November 27 after they put out an 8k announcing a Promotion and Endorsement deal with Justin Bieber to promote and endorse the Company’s products through various media set forth in the Agreement. The Company has issued Justin Bieber several warrrants to purchase BMPI stock.
As anyone knows Justin Bieber is easily one of the biggest pop stars in the world and I don't think it’s just another fade. The kids got something. For BMPI with a total market valuation under $50 million and a limited public float this could mean parabolic gains for the stock. The Bieber connection could drive BMPI far from here.
Headquartered in San Diego, CA, BillMyParents, Inc. (OTC: BMPI) is a financial solutions company focused on helping teens and young adults between the ages of 13 and 18 to manage spending. As its primary product offering, BillMyParents offers a prepaid reloadable MasterCard with parental features ranging from giving parents complete control to make purchase on behalf of their teens to simply monitoring their teen’s purchase transactions. BillMyParents provides solutions that facilitate communication between parents and teens while helping to teach financial responsibility. Our “Money Tips for Teens” blog is a FREE resource for parents to help teens develop smart spending habits. The BillMyParents Spend Smart card is a prepaid reloadable MasterCard designed to fit the lifestyle of teens and young adults. It comes with features and benefits that both parents and teens will enjoy: Parents can help their teen’s spend smart, while giving them the freedom and independence they crave. Among the benefits of the BillMyParents Spend Smart card:

Zero Risk: The card is not a credit card so there is never a chance of overspending or incurring debt. Parents remain in control: See something suspicious? Instantly lock your teen’s card until you can talk about it. Optional real-time transaction alerts: You are kept up-to-date with all of your teen’s transactions via email and/or text messages. Freedom: Your teen can shop anywhere you allow where Debit MasterCard is accepted. With the BillMyParents Spend Smart Card service, parents can maintain the control they need while giving their teen the spending ability they need.

To get the inside scoop on BMPI subscribe to right now. Also everyone should know, we have something HUGE coming!
BillMyParents, Inc
Michael R. McCoy CEO
Jonathan Shultz
Shares Outstanding: 98,269,842
Market Cap: $68,788,889

Original article on BillMyParents, Inc. (OTC: BMPI) really just started trading 2 weeks ago as BMPI. Prior to that the Company was known as SocialWise, Inc (OTC SCLW) After coming out of the reverse split and name change the new stock BMPI started trading at $0.37 on July 15 and has since risen to highs over $0.70 on moderate volume.

As of yet there has been no press releases and little signs of promotion although I smell one coming. If I was going to speculate on the next (AwesomePennyStocks: APS) or (StockMarketAuthority: SMA) play I would look for stock such as BMPI just starting out and moving up steadily.

To get a hint of the promotion to come one only has to read the pr announcing the name and ticker change from SCLW to BMPI, it says:

“Headquartered in San Diego, CA, BillMyParents recently received $7MM in investment funds, enabling the company to boost the significant brand momentum coming off of their recent exposure on MTV's hit reality show "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" and their first nationally-aired television commercial on ESPN. The Spend Smart card from BillMyParents is now available, providing a unique and powerful way for teens and their parents to learn how to spend smart. With instant feedback from real-time text alerts, instant load and lock and unlock features and more, high parental visibility of teen account activity allows for important teachable moments”

I will continue to update this article as the story unfolds!

Formerly=Socialwise, Inc. until 6-2011
Formerly=IdeaEdge, Inc. until 5-2009
Formerly=VOS International, Inc. until 10-07
Formerly=1st Net Technologies, Inc. until 9-05
Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 25 split. Pay date=10-18-07.
Capital Change=shs increased by 3 for 1 split.  Pay date=03/12/2008.
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