Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. (OTC: BMSN) Sky High Penny Stock!

BMSN on Fire!

Update: BMSN has dropped significantly since its hay day at the beginning of the year.

Anyone with an eye on Penny Stocks in recent weeks has seen the spectacular rise of Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. (OTC: BMSN) from triple zero 2's to recent highs of well over a Penny. As the stock continues to trade massive volume many investors are speculating this one goes way higher from current levels.

All the excitement is about HemaXellerate I™ BMSN's subsidiary Regen BioPharma new stem cell drug to combat Aplastic Anemia. The Company has submitted an Investigational New Drug (IND) Application to the FDA several weeks ago and things are looking on the up and up.

HemaXellerate I™ BMSN’s stem cell drug to combat Aplastic Anemia is eligible for Orphan Drug Status which makes HemaXellerate I™ able to get full FDA approval in as little as 60 days to bypass the lengthy Phase I, II, III, IV FDA Approval Processes because of being eligible for Orphan Drug Status.

Judging that the potential market share for the Companies new drugs are well over US $10 billion even if BMSN were able to achieve a small market share, this little biotechnology Company that trades on the bb's with a total market valuation of several million dollars could represent a spectacular trade opportunity for smart early investors.

Penny Stock Speculators should be warned however that stories as juicy as this one do come around quite often on the sub exchanges and most of the time it’s all fluff or outright lies and does not bode well for investors.

Conclusion: BMSN has made an explosive move up as investors wait un news from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) While HemaXellerate I™ could mean huge gains for investors it could just as easily go nowhere and leave investors holding the bag.

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Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc.
David R. Koos
Shares Outstanding: 216,948,784
Market Cap: $2,039,319
Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. (OTC: BMSN) was initially incorporated on October 6, 1998, under the laws of the State of Delaware as Tasco International, Inc. Since 2005 the Company has operated as Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. doing business through their wholly owned subsidiary; Regen BioPharma, Inc.
Formerly=Tasco Holdings International, Inc. until 9-06
Formerly=Tasco International, Inc. until 8-05
Capital Change=shs increased by 10 for 1 split. Ex-date=08/29/2005.

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