CleanPath Resources Corp. (PINK: CLNP) Sub Penny Stock Explosion!

Sub Penny Stock on Fire!

Penny Stock speculators have longed loved Sub Penny Stocks for their ability to make Monster moves in very short time frames. One sub penny making a big move recently is CleanPath Resources Corp. (PINK: CLNP) which has exploded in the last 6 weeks from $0.0001 to a recent high of $0.0093

Currently trading at around $0.0088 CLNP is moving back towards its all time highs; speculators know a break of $0.0093 and this one is off to the races again. The CEO continues to keep shareholders informed as sales numbers from the Company continue to surprise;  according to CleanPath July 2012 retail sales were $120,000 USD and August retail sales are expected to exceed $180,000.

According to Ihub poster Disher this is what CLNP is all about:

1. CLNP sells Alkaline Water. 
2. Working on contracts with selling Alkaline Water in every Planet Fitness across America. 
3. Alkaline water is currently the official water of the tennis channel. 
4. CLNP also has 5 other products through the Re-Load brand name. 
5. Re-Load products sell in stores across the U.S. 
6. Re-Load markets on a NASCAR car. 
7. CLNP stock only has 432,000,000 share float. 
8. CEO is working with shareholders and keeping them updated via Twitter. 
9. Caveat emptor sign will be removed shortly. 
10. Financials will be filed shortly. 
11. CEO told us via Twitter that a PR will be out September 20th with more PRs to follow. The PR will include revenues, sales projections, and a reiteration of how the company is marketing on a NASCAR car. 
12. CLNP took in $120,000 in revenues for the month of July alone. 
13. It is important to note that the share price was trading at 0.0001 x 0.0002 for months because the CEO believed that he needed to build the company first, then the share price. Well, the company is thriving and growing fast and now the CEO has told us it is his goal to now grow the stock price. 0.02-0.03 is his short term estimate. No reverse splits or anything like that. Financials will be filed and the company will be current soon. No shares will be diluted. 
14. Bullish chart forming here. 
Conclusion: CLNP has seen some important developments over the last few months as well as rapid growth in revenues the likes of which are rarely seen on the OTCBB.  The stock is technically sound and still trades very close to its historical lows. While CLNP stock is still quite cheap they have developed the type of loyal following that can catapult a sub to 1000% gains.  All this Makes CLNP a stock to watch in the coming weeks!
CleanPath Resources Corp.
Kenneth E. Lewis
Shares Outstanding 4,032,000,000 (a/o Oct 10 2011)
float: 432,000,000 (a/o Oct 10 2011)
Market Cap: $12,902,400
CleanPath Resources Corp (PINK: CLNP) is the manufacturer of Re-Load®, is committed to bringing the most effective and healthful wellness beverages possible to an appreciative market. Efficacy is the primary concern. It is impossible to make effective beverages taste great and still work. For that reason many people like to mix the powders or the liquid with their favorite juice or a smoothie.
After years of extensive research and development CLNP has created Re-Load® for Men. Utilizing our patent pending polyherbal blend we are able to bring a potent and safe, when taken as directed, product created for the more discerning and aware consumer. The worlds first healthful male enhancement drink that is also micro-structured for enhanced performance.


Ken Lewis

Ken Lewis


CEO CleanPath Resources Corp. CLNP. Re-Load Wellness Products.








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