Freddie Mac (OTC: FMCC) Stock on Fire!

FMCC is exploding on the OTC!

Update: FMCC made a historic short covering rally / hedge fund pump run earlier this year from pennies to well over $5 per share at its height at the end of May. Since then the stock dropped down significantly hitting lows of $1 back at the end of June.

Since hitting $1 FMCC has been on a slow rise recently surpassing $1.50 per share.

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Freddie Mac (OTC: FMCC) has been making a highly explosive move up in recent days from its $0.30 base. The moves comes as Fannie Mae (OTC: FNMA) also has exploded! Both are skyrocketing due to massive short covering rallies!

Freddie Mac engages in providing credit guarantee for residential mortgages originated by mortgage lenders, and investing in mortgage loans and mortgage-related securities. The company also aggregates and resecuritizes mortgage-related securities that are issued by the company, other government sponsored enterprises, state or local housing finance agencies (HFAs), or private (non-agency) entities; and issues other single-class and multiclass mortgage-related securities to third-party investors.

The company also enters into certain other guarantee commitments for mortgage loans, HFA bonds under the HFA initiative, and multifamily housing revenue bonds held by third parties. Segments The company operates through three segments: Single-Family Guarantee, Investments, and Multifamily. Single-Family Guarantee This segment includes single-family credit guarantee activities. This segment purchases single-family mortgage loans originated by the company’s seller/servicers in the primary mortgage market. In various instances, the company uses the mortgage securitization process to package the purchased mortgage loans into guaranteed mortgage-related securities.

FMCC went down along with FNMA during the housing collapse and subsequent mortgage scandal. Basically what happened is that they starting giving homebuyers credit to anyone that wanted it and then repackaging that debt into securities which were then market triple A; the biggest rating for debt based securities. Of course the underlying loans were not triple A, in fact they were garbage and in the end that come back to bite them in the ass, predictably and everything completely collapsed.

Play the run here but be careful!

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Freddie Mac
Donald H. Layton
Ross J. Kari
Shares Outstanding: 650,038,674
Market Cap: $454,897,064
Freddie Mac (OTC: FMCC) has been degrading the peoples trust since its inception.
Formerly=Federal National Mortgage Association until 12-96
Capital Change=shs increased by 4 for 1 split. Ex-date=01/16/1996. Rec date=01/08/1996. Pay date=01/12/1996.

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