Global Gaming Networks (OTC: GBGM) is a Monster Penny Stock Explosion!


GBGM Explodes Out of Sub Penny Land!

Global Gaming Networks (OTC: GBGM) has made a highly explosive move up in recent months from $0.0008 back in October to recent highs near $0.02 on accelerating trading volume.The run is being fueled by a significant PR campaign coming from the Company coupled with an aggressive and so far very successful promotional campaign.

According to their corporate domain Global Gaming Network is a developer, distributor and aggregator of related businesses operating in the mobile and online content and distribution industries.

The company owns and operates the leading independent provider of sports data to mobile telephones in North America, one of the pioneers and a “first mover” in this field. It is a free, advertiser supported text message information service providing real time sports scores and updates to subscriber’s mobile telephones. The Company is actively pursuing additional acquisitions and affiliations in compatible fields.


On December 3 GBGM announced that its popular sports information will be offering its subscribers for the first time later this month a premium service providing team scores and player statistics for all NFL, NBA, NHL and MBL teams.

Stephen Kern, President of GBGM stated "We're pleased to offer at a competitive price to our thousands of loyal subscribers a premium service for team scores and player statistics sent via SMS (text message) or email. Still the most popular independent provider of sports information via SMS in North America, this new service should grow our subscriber base, now well over 100,000, at an increased rate over prior years' results,"

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Global Gaming Network, Inc.
Stephen Kern, President
Shares Outstanding: 461,206,012
Market Cap: $142,973,864

Global Gaming owns and operates the domain which develops digital entertainment focus on sports to mobile platforms. According to the company this is the leading independent mobile sports information in the USA and Canada.  In a recent letter to shareholders CEO Stephen Kern was certainly optimistic he said “Dear Fellow Shareholders,

Mobile text messaging (SMS) is growing at a dramatic pace with greater percentage increases every year. In fact, according to an August 2011 report by comScore, 234 million Americans used mobile devices and 78.5 million people in the United States owned smartphones.

Additionally, Pew Research reports that "84% of American adults own cell phones and 73% send and receive text messages." As well, "47% of American adults use their cell phones and tablet computers to get local news and information."


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3 Responses to Global Gaming Networks (OTC: GBGM) is a Monster Penny Stock Explosion!

  1. joseph says:

    Good article!

  2. Larry says:

    Please do not try to boost GBGM.  I do not think this is a good company.  I followed it from last Thursday.  Nothing is true about go up to .50 cents then go down to .40 cents.  I even contact the company and no one answer the phone.  This is a scramer.  Their stock is not close to 10 cents. 


    I am certainly not boosting GBGM. Please read my conclusion on the stock from weeks ago when it was trading over $0.40. : Conclusion: While GBGM could continue up in the short term the stock cannot maintain anywhere near current valuations in the long term. Shorts will take this one to the woodshed one of these days soon. Count on it.

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