Grizzly Gold Corp. (OTC: GRZG) Penny Stock on Fire!

GRZG Explodes on the OTCBB

Update: GRZG made an epic run last year culminating in highs of $1.75 in mid-November. This was followed by a significant drop to lows of around $0.30. Since then GRZG has been upward bound and recently surpassed the $1 mark in the second week of January. Currently trading under $0.80 investors are speculating this one goes back over $1. For more info on GRZG subscribe to OTCMAGIC.

Grizzly Gold Corp. (OTC: GRZG) started trading in April of this year in the $0.30 range and has quickly risen over a dollar.  The stock is being touted with Hard Mailers by a little known group called Wealth Generation Report reporting a compensation of $1,170,000. As the promotion continues price and volume have accelerated in recent sessions and by the looks of it GRZG is going higher in the short term.

According to a recent pr Grizzly Gold Corp is a US based exploration company focusing on advancing development on its gold projects in the Nevada area.

On October 25 Grizzly Gold Announces the Start of Drill Program on the LB Vixen Property and Closing of Recent Round of Fundraising. Grizzly Gold has identified four proposed drill sites. All drill sites are planned to be high angle reverse circulation holes from 600 feet to 800 feet in length. All four drill sites are either on pre-existing roads or roads built by Grizzly in late 2011.

"We are entering into a very exciting time here at Grizzly," said Grizzly Gold president Paul Strobel. "This initial drilling phase is a big step forward for the LB Vixen's development. Once drilling is completed, results will be submitted for analysis." Grizzly Gold is also pleased to announce the closing of a private placement of 250,000 shares for $1.00 per share for a total offering price of $250,000.

Conclusion: Currently trading at a market valuation approaching $65 million GRZG has little assets and no revenues to date. While the million Dollar + promotion may drive the stock much higher short term it cannot maintain anywhere near its current market valuation long term.

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Grizzly Gold Corp.
Paul Strobel
James Poulter
Shares Outstanding 47,900,000
Market Cap: $62,749,000

Grizzly Gold Corp. (OTC: GRZG) was incorporated in the State of Florida on April 21, 2010 under the name BCS Solutions, Inc.   On July 8, 2011 their Board of Directors, and on July 5, 2011 their shareholders, approved the change of their name from BCS Solutions, Inc. to Grizzly Gold Corp.  Also on July 5, 2011, the shareholders approved a proposal to change the Company's state of incorporation from Florida to Nevada by the merger of BCS Solutions, Inc. with, and into, its wholly-owned subsidiary, Grizzly Gold Corp., a Nevada corporation. The change of name and jurisdiction became effective on August 1, 2011.

According to GRZG The LB Vixen property is located in Humboldt County, Nevada in the southern Jackson Mountains. It is approximately 150 miles northeast of Reno and 55 miles west of Winnemucca, Nevada and currently consists of 82 unpatented claims. The property is positioned in close proximity to significant gold reserves.  LB Vixen is located approximately 15 miles north-northeast of Allied Nevada Gold Corporation’s Hycroft gold mine.  Current reserves for the Hyrcroft mine total over 2.4 M ounces of gold and 32 M ounces of silver. The Sleeper Mine, with production and reserves of approximately 7 million ounces of gold, is located approximately 30 miles northeast of LB Vixen.

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7 Responses to Grizzly Gold Corp. (OTC: GRZG) Penny Stock on Fire!


    Everyone. Please leave comments! tell the world what you think of this stock! I think its had a pretty damn explosive run over the past few weeks. What about You?

  2. Robert Fisher Robert Fisher says:

    what is price per share today 11/08/12


    Closed Friday at $1.73

  4. dave mader says:

    Did we just hit the Fiscal cliff?     $1.45

  5. js smith says:

    It dropped like a stone today down 15+ %, as expected! This company has nothing to show for the current stock price $1.45. It doesn't even worth at $1. People were just bidding it up based on un-proven information from an unknown newsletter. If you read the newsletter, nothing there but used-car saleman tactics. It's a shame that a lot of people will loose tons of their hard-earned money because of pure ignorance and stupidity.

  6. Bob Burnside says:

    its at $0.50 now.  It'l be under a dime 6 months out.

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