GrowLife Inc. (OTC: PHOT) Off to the Races!


Marijuana Stocks are on Fire and so is PHOT!

Growlife Inc. (OTC: PHOT) is making a highly explosive move up on massive volume off its base a little under a nickel. The move comes as Cannabis stocks across the OTCBB hit bigger highs and trade bigger volume then they ever have before.

The massive attention on the sector comes as Colorado launches the first legal US sale of recreational pot. The launch is marked by massive lines and many are predicting that the sector could be worth as much as $10 billion a few years out in Colorado and Washington alone.

Along with MWIP, MDBX and several others PHOT is one of the stocks getting most of the attention this time around. The Company is already well established in the industry offering marijuana growers with the tools they need to thrive through wholly owned brands such as Stealth Grow LED, SGsensors, and Phototron. Growelife also owns


Original article: The explosion in PHOT and marijuana stocks in general is a side affect caused by the media blitz created by activists with ballots in Arkansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, and Ohio. You also have industrial hemp on the ballot in Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey and New Mexico. Then they're trying to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Colorado, Washington and Oregon. 

You have groups such as Marijuana Policy Project, Law Enforcement against Prohibition, Americans for Safe Access, NORML and many others that spend their marketing dollars in a very particular way; they wait until 2 weeks before the election and then start a massive media campaign… an all-out blitz to educate people so they can vote yes!

The Cannabis sector is seriously hot right now, check out my articles on MDBXSKTOGRNH,       MWIPPHOTHEMPMJNARFMKTRTCNTRR, ERBBNVLXCBISMCIGMNTRFSPMCANNEDXCCBDS,

GrowLife, Inc. is a company with core holdings in innovative technology-based products and services for the indoor gardening industry and specialty markets. These brands include Stealth Grow LED, producer of hi-powered LED grow light products for indoor horticulture,, the online hydroponics superstore. and Phototron, producer of hydroponic growing containers which are designed to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits in any environment

Over the past few days PHOT has added 3 new board members; Joining the GrowLife Board of Directors and filling Board seats provided to CANX USA LLC via the recently announced Joint Venture and capital pledge of up to $40 million U.S. for acquisitions, growth capital, and its GIFT program are Jeff Giarraputo and Anthony Ciabattoni.

Jeff Giarraputo is co-founder of the global advertising agency Factory Design Labs, now the visionary leader in customer creation for culture-driven lifestyle brands such as The North Face and Oakley. Factory has offices in Denver, USA, Shanghai, China and Verbier, Switzerland. In 2004, Mr. Giarraputo co-founded Beatport, the largest music store for DJs in the world.

Anthony Ciabattoni consults with a number of private equity companies and serves as an advisor and board member. He is also an investor and mentor in several start-ups and later stage companies.

Alan R. Hammer joined GrowLife via a Board seat allocated to CANX USA LLC, GrowLife's recently announced Joint Venture partner which has provided the Company with a capital pledge of up to $40 million U.S. for acquisitions, growth capital, and its GIFT program operating in the legal cannabis industry.

Hammer is a veteran attorney and advisor who has concentrated his law practice in the areas of investment real estate transactions and tax appeals, representing the purchasers and sellers of office buildings, shopping centers, industrial facilities and apartment complexes since 1971.

Conclusion: PHOT has seen an explosion in price and volume in recent sessions moving 400% in less than a week. Currently trading at a market valuation of just over $140 million OTCMAGIC has been reporting on PHOT since it was trading at less than a $10 million market valuation. A lot has happened since then; PHOT has seen its revenues triple this year; for the 9 months ended September 30, 2013 PHOT announced $2,939,026 in revenues as compared to $776,125 for the same period the year before. PHOT is fully reporting here and the Company is quickly gaining a loyal following. PHOT trades at a very high market valuation of $140 million and if this stock was in any other sector I would call it a sell. In the Cannabis sector however, all rational projections are out the window. Considering the massive volume PHOT is liable to go much higher.

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Growlife Inc.
Michael Borish
Shares Outstanding 711 mm
Market Cap: $140 mm
Phototron Holdings, Inc. (OTC: PHOT) was initially incorporated in Delaware on March 7, 2001 as Wentworth III, Inc. In August of 2003, they completed the reverse acquisition of Whitco Company, L.P., a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of area lighting poles which they planned to distribute throughout the United States. On March 15, 2006, Whitco voluntarily filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. bankruptcy laws after which they sold all their assets. Subsequently they determined to withdraw from bankruptcy court protection and, on motion made by the U.S. trustee, the bankruptcy court ordered the case dismissed on January 9, 2007.  
Formerly=Phototron Holdings, Inc. until 8-2012
Formerly=Catalyst Lighting Group, Inc. until 3-2011
PHOT finally came to be on February 14, 2011, when the company entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger with PHI Merger Corporation and Phototron, Inc. The closing occurred on March 9, 2011: PHI MergerCo was merged with and into Phototron and Phototron became their wholly-owned subsidiary.
On August 6, 2012, Phototron Holdings, Inc. merged GrowLife, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Phototron Holdings, Inc., with and into Phototron Holdings, Inc. pursuant to the Certificate of Ownership and Merger filed with the Delaware Secretary of State on July 25, 2012 to be effective August 6, 2012. As a result of the merger, on August 6, 2012, Phototron Holdings, Inc.’s corporate named changed from Phototron Holdings, Inc. to GrowLife, Inc.
PHOT designs and manufactures indoor miniature-greenhouses known as Phototron Units. (pictured below) They are capable of growing pretty much any herb, vegetable, flower, fruit or terrestrial plant better, stronger and faster than traditional farming methods.
PHOT also formulates and sells seeds, mineral nutrient solutions, growing mediums and germination kits to facilitate hydroponic gardening through the use of our Phototron Units, in addition to replacement parts for our Phototron Units to facilitate moderate customization. As well the company manufactures hi-powered LED (Light Emitting Diode) grow light products for indoor horticulture, sold under the brand name “Stealth Grow LED.” Through SGT, PHOT provides US engineered, energy efficient and “green” technology for healthy and abundant indoor gardening. Stealth Grow LED products are available through more than 2,500 hydroponic retailers, and on-line resellers in the USA and Canada. 
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