Life Stem Genetics Inc. (OTC: LIFS) Explodes on the OTCBB!


Hard Mailers are Explosive!

Life Stem Genetics Inc. (OTC: LIFS) started trading on the OTCBB in the middle of October at around $1 per share and has been slowly trending up since. Life Stem Genetics Inc., is fresh off the name change from Miami Days Corp and a 13 for forward split of the stock.

LIFS (a suspected future hard mailer campaign) is being promoted by the Contrarian Press with a documented $1,789,000 promotional budget paid by Eclipse Media Group. They also list another $300,000 in compensation paid and are currently using 3 known landing pages to promote the stock.

According to a recent press release LIFS is a progressive healthcare company focused on Adult Stem Cell (ASC) healing therapies. For decades, stem cells have been utilized in the successful treatment of a variety of ailments. Today, advanced ASC therapies are being offered to patients as an efficient and painless alternative treatment for a wide range of ailments including, but not limited to, orthopedic injuries, neurological disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, as well as age management.


Adult Stem Cell therapies and LSG's proprietary techniques are experiencing some of the best results in the industry in helping to repair or reprogram damaged or diseased tissues and organs. Life Stem's ASC specialist has performed thousands of stem cell treatments including some of the top names in PGA golf, NFL football, NBA basketball, and Major League Baseball. LSG will offer its proprietary treatments through a series of affiliate doctors and medical clinics with 60 affiliated clinics thus far. LSG's mission is to develop a comprehensive approach to the treatment and maintenance of diseases while breaking free from the medical insurance maze by tapping into an affordable private-pay sector.

Stem Cell stocks have a history of massive volume and explosive moves on the OTCBB and OTCMagic has covered many of them including ACTC, SVFC and CBAI.

According to the Contrarian Press Life Stem Genetics is now at the Forefront of the Biggest Evolution in the Medical Treatment of Chronic Diseases and at the forefront of the greatest advancement of Life Science in the history of mankind. Propelled by the world’s most powerful institutions, Adult Stem Cell (ASC) therapies will enable all peoples of the world to heal themselves. Life Stem has already applied over 5,000 ASC treatments.

This all sounds very exciting however LIFS is a brand new stock just coming off the name change from Miami Days Corp and has almost nothing on the books apart from the $7 k in cash, the $4 k in liabilities and $0 revenues to date.

Conclusion: LIFS is the newest hard mailer stock promotion to hit the OTCBB this time using Stem Cells as the catalyst to liquidate 10's of millions of dollars of stock on the public. Short term LIFS could easily go way higher, long term is an entirely different story. Currently trading at a $50 plus market valuation LIFS has nothing but hot air and promo dollars to hold it up, once they run dry the stock might experience a sudden drop followed by a long prolonged downward drift.

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Life Stem Genetics Inc.
Gloria Simov     
Heather Sharp
Shares Outstanding: 44,537,500
Market Cap: $52,554,250

Life Stem Genetics Inc. (OTC: LIFS) was incorporated in the State of Nevada on March 15, 2010 AS Miami Days Corp . The Company was formed to provide garment tailoring and alteration services. The Company changed their name from Miami Days Corp in September 2013 to Life Stem Genetics Inc. (OTC: LIFS).


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