Lifetech Industries Inc (OTC: LTCH) The Billion $ Juggernaut!

$600,000 hard mailer could push LTCH far!

Update: LTCH has collapsed since its highs over $1. The stock was heavily promoted and the Company had little fundamentals to back up the bloated price.

Lifetech Industries Inc (OTC: LTCH) is the latest big promo stock to hit the OTCBB. It started trading in October at around $0.80 sent and sat with little volume until the first week of December when the stock exploded up massive trading volume.

Water is the story and they are spending $600,000 on hard mailers to sell it; According to Eric Dickson from Breakaway Stocks LTCH could become the next billion dollar juggernaut! LTCH has responded in predictable fashion moving over the $1 mark in recent sessions.

Lifetech Industries has developed a patented AirWell System; a highly advanced Atmospheric Water Generator unit that produces perfect water by promoting and filtering the condensation of moisture from air. 

Perfect Water means Water that is free of chemicals, hormones, and other contaminants, is perfectly balanced at 7.5 pH for human consumption, Increases immune function, has anti-aging properties and is socially and environmentally responsible. In other words LTCH patented system takes dirty water and turns it into drinking water.

On November 3 LTCH announced that they were in talks to close on exclusive distributorship agreements – sets strategic global distribution targets.

"The global water industry is currently at $400 billion per year and is expected to be $1 trillion by 2020 due to the decline of vital water sources," says Benjamin Chung, CEO and President of LifeTech Industries Inc. "LifeTech's technology is a perfect solution – one that will provide abundant quantities of drinking water to the world. Having the right plan of action will ensure that everyone, including our shareholders, will gain from our wonderful product."

Conclusion: Trading at a total market valuation of just over $50 million LTCH has no cash, little assets and a total of $12,500 revenues to date. While the $600,000 hard mailer promotion continues the stock may experience explosive gains. Once they stop spending money on the promotion LTCH will drop significantly as the Company has no fundamentals to back it up.

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Lifetech Industries Inc
Benjamin Chung, President
Mika Kudoken
Shares Outstanding 50,000,000
Market Cap: $52,000,000

Lifetech Industries, Inc. (OTC: LTCH) was incorporated in the State of Nevada on December 30, 2010 to develop a new day spa business in the affluent area of Montrose, California, surrounded by La Crescenta, La Canada, and Glendale.  The Company is a development stage enterprise, as defined in FASB ASC 915 “Development Stage Entities.”

Below is image of LTCH hard mailer

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