Lot78, Inc. (OTC: LOTE) Million Dollar Hard Mailer Penny Stock!

LOTE is officially a Parabolic Monster Penny Stock!

Update: LOTE ticker changed to LOTED after the forward split. We feel sorry for anyone who got taken by this scam but they should have know better. 

LOTE  turned into easily one of the most exciting stories on the OTCBB this year. The stock is an absolute beast and continues to defy gravity.

I am starting to see the pattern here; they bait the shorts in and then turn around and destroy them on the next move up. With just 530,000 shares in the float LOTE continues to move higher leaving the bloody corpses of the poor saps who shorted this thing in its wake.

Currently trading at a market valuation of around half a billion dollars (yes thats $500,000,000), LOTE has just over five thousand (thats $5,483 to be exact) in the treasury and no revenues to date. The last few days action puts LOTE in the real big leagues of recent penny stock promotion along with OCTX, NTRR and MDBX

OTCMAGIC initially published profile on LOTE when the stock was under $2 and just started trading on the OTCBB! Since then the stock has moved well over 500%

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Lot78, Inc. (OTC: LOTE) started off with a bang running from a start point of around $0.70 to recent highs over $1.10. Considering the documented $2.5 million dollar hard mailer campaign LOTE could be the next big penny stock winner!

The stock is being promoted by BreakawayStocks with a documented $2.5 milion dollar budget. The hard mailer campaign headlines read "First True Religion, Then Horiyoshi the 111 – High End Fashion stocks are making early investors rich! Now Lote78 (OTC: LOTE) could be your next change at grabbing a gigantic 5,300% profit!

While TRLG was certainly one of the biggest recent OTCBB to Nasdaq success story, those jeans caught on as a major, major fade, something which remains just a dream for Lot78, Inc., which operates on little real assets, significant debt and no revenues.

Lot78, Inc. is a trend-setting leader in the design, marketing, distribution and sale of urban apparel – retailing under the brand name "Lot78" in six continents, including: North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and South America. Lot78 has been featured in US Weekly, Elle Magazine, Financial Times, Harrods Magazine, The London Evening Standard, and Grazia Magazine as an emerging global brand.

On March 20, LOTE announced that the Company has extended its global distribution agreement with online retail group NET-A-PORTER.

The NET-A-PORTER Group Limited is the world's premier online luxury fashion retailer. The award-winning website is presented in the style of a fashion magazine, offering unprecedented access to the latest looks of the season from international cutting-edge labels via worldwide express delivery.

Conclusion: LOTE is the new big hard mailer promotion from BreakawayStocks with a documented $2.5 million dollar production budget. In the short term LOTE could go way higher from here, long term the stock cannot maintain anywhere near its current $60 million market valuation and will drop significantly.

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Lot78, Inc.
Oliver Amhurst
Shares Outstanding: 57,053,138
Market Cap: $63,899,515

Formerly=Bold Energy Inc until 2-2013Lot78, Inc. (OTC: LOTE) was incorporated in the State of Nevada as a for-profit Company on June 27, 2008 as Global Club Inc. On March 3, 2011 the Company changed their name to Bold Energy Inc.


Formerly=Global Club Inc. until 3-2011
Capital Change=shs increased by 150 for 1 split Pay date=03/24/2010.
Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 25 split. Pay date=03/31/2011.
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