Nano Labs Corp. (OTC: CTLE) Penny Stock on Fire!

aka Colorado Ceramic Tile, Inc. (OTC:CTLE)

Update: CTLE is exploding upward on massive volume in recent days after the Company made some big announcements. This is a stock that traded as low as $0.0101 in recent weeks.

On November 13 CTLE announced the development of a next-generation nano coatings specifically designed for corrosion protection. The Company will be filing a patent application on this innovative technology, marketing another important breakthrough for the U.S.-based nanotechnology development company in the execution of its coatings business strategy in the oil and gas industry.


Nano Labs Corp. (OTC: CTLE) Started traded at a dime in May of this year to little fanfare and for the first 6 months the stock trended up to the $0.70 range on very little volume. Then in the second week of November CTLE saw an explosion in volume and the stock moved up quickly hitting an all-time high of $1.52 in mid-December.

In late December and early January CTLE dropped significantly back to its $0.50 support level. Since then the stock has been upward bound on accelerated volume and investors are wondering if it can regain its previous highs.

According to a recent press release Nano Labs Corp set course in nanotechnology as of October 2012, with newly added resources that encompass over 30 years of research and development in nanotechnology and hundreds of peer-reviewed and published research papers and patents.

On January 4, CTLE announced in a rather vague pr, yet another high-tech advance relating to greenhouse (GH) farming and agriculture, this being automated technology to control the dynamics of GH CO2 for improved crop yields, reduced energy consumption, and decreased environmental hazards. Designed to replace conventional manual control systems, the new technology holds promise to increase efficiencies in GH CO2 use by 20%, improve crop yields by up to 25%, and reduce energy consumption by up to 20%, the Company reported.

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Nano Labs Corp.
Victor M. Castrano
Shares Outstanding 204,125,000
Market Cap: $173,506,250
Nano Labs Corp. (OTC: CTLE) was incorporated in the State of Colorado on March 27, 1995 under the name Colorado Ceramic Tile, Inc. On May 20, 2012 they changed their name from Colorado Ceramic Tile, Inc. to Nano Labs Corp.
The Company intends to acquire for its own use or licensing to others coatings and laminates made from microscopic particles known as “nanotechnology”. 
Formerly=Colorado Ceramic Tile, Inc. until 5-2012
Capital Change=shs increased by 25 for 1 split. Pay date=05/10/2012.
Ronald R. Chadwick, P.C.
2851 S Parker Rd
Suite 720
Aurora, CO, 80014
United States
Legal Counsel
Hart & Trinen, LLP
1624 Washington Street
Denver, CO, 80203
United States
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