Nutranomics, Inc. (OTC: NNRX) Penny Stock on Fire!

NNRX looks like TALK when it first started!

Update: NNRX collapsed today losing 50% of its value in a matter of hours. One had to look no further than my initial conclusion on this stock or Brighton Markets history of picks such as TALK to know this was going to happen one of these days.

NNRX is the next pick from Brighton Markets or that this is the same guys that did TALK which IPO'd at around $0.60 and ran to $2 on massive liquidity


According to a recent press release NNRX is a publicly traded company engaged in research and development of nutritional food products. In 1997, Nutranomics produced and branded its own product line, and began to sell to the retail outlets and to the public. Nutranomics has also produced formulas for hundreds of other companies. Nutranomics' mission is to increase human health and longevity through education and self-awareness. The Company has sales representatives throughout North America and Asia.

On November 27 NNRX announced that the Company has entered into a direct-to-consumer marketing agreement with Niche Fish, a Utah based company specializing in internet marketing strategies.

"Since 2001, Nutranomics has made a name for itself by offering the best products, utilizing higher quality ingredients not typically found on the shelves of most retail stores," stated Mike Brousseau, General Manager of Nutranomics. "To better compete against cheaply made, mass produced health food supplements and multi-vitamins, Niche Fish will use their talents as internet marketing specialists to create an online educational campaign designed to attract new visitors to the Nutranomics website that are highly motivated to purchase and consume only the highest quality natural health food supplements."

Conclusion: NNRX has exploded on the OTCBB on absolutely massive volume and a stock chart that is moving up at a 45 degree angle. Short term NNRX could be a vehicle for fast gains. Long term NNRX will most likely drop significantly and leave a long line of bagholders in its wake.

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Nutranomics, Inc.
Ritesh Chandra Singh
Ranjana Bharat
Shares Outstanding 46,500,000
Market Cap: $34,875,000

Nutranomics, Inc. (OTC: NNRX) was incorporated as Buka Ventures Inc., under the laws of the State of Nevada on March 15, 2007. In September of this year they changed their name to Nutranomics, Inc. (OTC: NNRX)

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