PacWest Equities Inc. (PINK: PWEI) Penny Stock on Fire!

Victory Mark New Pick is PWEI


Update: PacWest Equities, Inc. (PINK: PWEI) (trading as PINK: PWEID for the next 20 days) has moved up after the split. From a start point of around $0.35 the stock has moved to the $0.65 level and has been trading in a tight range between $0.65 and $0.70 in recent sessions.
One has to be impressed with how well PWEID has continued to hold its gains and with the stock trading just pennies below its recent highs of $0.80 per share Speculators have to be optimistic here. For the time being anyway, it appears that most shareholders here don't have much choice as their brokers have not yet received the dividend shares and they cannot sell the larger part of their position.
Still fresh in the minds of many investors is the infamous IDNG; they tanked their stock to pennies while all shareholders shares were locked up in the forward split. I am certainly not saying that is going to happen here but I suggest people use a lot of caution on PWEID.

Currently trading at a market valuation approaching $200 million PWEI has nothing besides an aggressive (and successful to this point) stock promotion to suggest anywhere near this valuation. As long as the promotion continues PWEI could continue to see big gains but one of these days this stock is going to collapse big time. Before long PWEI will fall big, and fall it will.

The hype from Victory Marks Penny Stock Heroes on PWEI Continues

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Original Article when PWEI was under $0.20 pre split: Penny Stock PacWest Equities Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PWEI) exploded from out of nowhere earlier this week after the Victory Mark alert; the stock opened up on Tuesday at $0.16 and ran to as high as $0.22 in less than an hour on massive volume! PacWest Equities, Inc. specializes in working with under performing companies and bringing together the resources needed for them to attain financial stability and growth. Our focus is on companies showing a positive upside while struggling to bring new bio-technologies and unique products to market.

On October 10 they announced that they have entered into a Letter of Intent to purchase PurGro Electronics, LLC in exchange for cash and stock, in a deal valued at US$15M. Included in the proposed transaction are PurGro's current sales volume of $1.5M annually along with 5 international patents pending in China and 11 patents to be filed in the US.

According to the press release this acquisition could propel the Company and its wholly owned subsidiary, World Eco Source Corp., to quickly become the leader of technology-based Organic Food Production companies. When coupled with World Eco Source's unique MobileFeed(R) and MobileFood(R) systems for year round organic food production, even in the harshest of climates, PurGro's technological advances in the automation of hydroponic growing systems make sense in this key acquisition.

PWEI is a stock promotion by Victory Mark famous for previous promotions such as Centaurus Diamond Technologies Inc. (PINK: CTDT) and Marine Drive Mobile Corp (PINK: MDMC) they run the domains and and are widely suspected to be an affiliate. 

Conclusion: Currently trading at a market valuation of just under $100 million the company has no assets or revenues to date or anything besides the stock promotion to justify anywhere near this valuation. While the stock may certainly go much higher in the short term it will fall dramatically once the promotion is over.

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PacWest Equities Inc
Geoff Bagatelos – CEO
Shares Outstanding 471,560,143
Market Cap: $99,876,438

PWEI Name ChangesPacWest Equities Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PWEI) is a stock that has been around for many years. Incorporated in 2002 under the name Dash Industries the corporate structure has been though a total of 5 name changes and 3 reverse splits. Currently trading on the Pink Sheets Exchange PWEI current has the YIELD designation from OTCMarkets. 

Formerly=Global Prospecting Ventures, Inc. until 1-07
Note=6-4-04 State of Incorporation Florida changed to Nevada
Formerly=Avenue Holdings, Inc. until 1-04
Formerly=Dash Industries, Inc. until 11-03
PWEI Reverse Splits
Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 500 split Pay date=03/14/2007.
Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 1000 split Pay date=06/18/2009.
Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 1000 split. Pay date=05/07/2010.
Current Share Structure:
500,000,000 Common Stock Authorized   
471,560,143 Issued and outstanding
156,030,093 Freely Trading Shares (being liquidated into the promotion)
Preferred Shares Authorized 250,000,000 with  
5,000,000 issued and outstanding
CUSIP No.: 69526A 10 7
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