PRTN / APS Pristine Solutions, Inc. Penny Stock on Fire!

APS is alive and well!

Update: Pristine Solutions, Inc (PINK: PRTN) has dropped a long way since its highs of $0.50 + at the height of the APS stock promotion. Since then the stock has dropped to lows of under half a cent as APS moved onto greener pastures a long time ago.
PRTN has exploded from under a penny in recent sessions and is making an explosive move up marked by big demand and huge volume. Some may wonder if it is a coincidence that GWBU also an ex APS pick has also exploded in recent sessions.
Conclusion: Currently trading at a market valuation of around $2 million PRTN has a history of explosive gains and is priced right here for an explosive move up. In the short term PRTN could easily go way way higher. I do not suggest people trade this stock long term.

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Original article: Pristine Solutions, Inc (OTC: PRTN) AwesomePennyStocks (APS) Pick is far from dead; in fact it looks as if it’s just getting started here!

When PRTN dropped to a low of $0.16 the 1st week in September just days after it was officially announced by AwesomePennyStocks (APS) as their new big pick investors predicted the end of APS and pretty much wrote them off.  However since then PRTN has continued to climb back up on excellent volume and big bid support by WDCO and now seems on the cusp of taking out its all time highs! Investors are starting to sing a different tune as it appears that AwesomePennyStocks (APS) has another Monster Winner on their hands in PRTN!

AwesomePennyStocks (APS) is well known for their massive promotions of North Springs Resources, Inc (OTC: NSRS) Sunpeak Ventures, Inc (OTC: SNPK) and Great Wall Builders LTd (OTC: GWBU) They are also know for unofficial and much less successful picks such as AWSR, PGSY, RARS, VLNX and several others.

Pristine Solutions, Inc. (OTC: PRTN) through its wholly-owned subsidiary company, Eaton Scientific Systems, Ltd., holds the intellectual property and global marketing rights to Tropine 3, a patent pending novel indication of an existing FDA approved drug for the non-hormonal treatment of hot flashes in pre-menopausal, peri-menopausal, and post-menopausal women.

The chances of course that Tropine 3 is ever approved by the FDA are slim to none but that is completely besides the point; what matters here is AwesomePennyStocks and if they will follow through on PRTN over the long term as they did on NSRS, SNPK and GWBU. 

Conclusion: What ultimately made prior APS picks so successful were the multi-million dollar hard mailer campaigns that were launched months after the initial pick was made. If a million dollar hard mailer hits PRTN the price could easily explode to several dollars per share.

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Since Pristine Solutions, Inc (OTC: PRTN) came into existence it has followed a fairly basic pattern for big money stock promotion. PRTN was registered as a Nevada Business Entity in December, 2009 with the purpose of filing an S-1 registration to go public on May 3, 2010.
The legal opinion for PRTN was provided by Carrillo Huettel who is the corporate attorney for Dozens of previous stock promotions including many former AwesomePEnnyStocks picks. Carrillo Huettel can be linked to LUXE/SUNB, NTRO, NSRS, EDVP, RARS, GTCP, HDSI, and SNPK.
The Current share structure on PRTN is as follows:
Christine Buchanan-McKenzie 240,000,000 shares restricted
Seed shareholders 178,000,686 free trading shares currently worth $40M
Edward W. Withrow 111 13,750,000 shares
Hootan Melamed 7,500,000 shares
David Stark 500,000
Michael Borkowski 500,000
Kyle Bucci 350,000
Gardner Williams 250,000
The 178M free trading shares in nominee accounts in blocks between 6M and 8M shares is where the real story on PRTN is. Those are the shares that are being sold into the market every day that the APS PRTN Penny Stock Promotion continues! 
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6 Responses to PRTN / APS Pristine Solutions, Inc. Penny Stock on Fire!


    Please note on PRTN: After looking back over this article I realized I did not mention the obvious which is the long term outlook. 6 months from now this stock will be worthless, that is the only real known factor in this equation. In the short term the stock could go significantly higher, for anyone interested in buying PRTN I suggest trading it, not investing in it. Once the promotion is over (and it could go on for months) Pristine Solutions will trade for less than a dime.


    these guys are cool:


    For anyone long PRTN; I have my doubts that APS can duplicate the success of SNPK or NSRS on this one. Shorts are becoming significantly more aggressive these days. This is a very high risk stock, I would not trade it.

  4. Cole says:

    Hey there, I just came across your website today. You have some very informative information it looks like and I’ve subscribed to your site. I’m still in PRTN now and it had a pretty rough day today as you know. I noticed as I watched it throughout the day that it seemed like it was making a comeback toward the end of the day which is interesting. Possibly another comeback after the retraction?

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