Psychic Friends Network Inc. (OTC: PFNI) Stock; Its all About SMA!

Stock Market Authority New pick PFNI is priced right for Explosive Gains!

Update: PFNI collapsed on the 14th of December as the short position took this one to the woodshop too; they attacked right out of the gate dropping the stock 50% in less than an hour. PFNI has never recovered and the stock now trades well under a dime.

While we all knew it was only a matter of time before PFNI collapsed (as all SMA picks do eventually) we did not expect it to come so soon. The sudden drop in price was due to the ever increasingly aggressive short position; they are known as the "short ball wrecking crew" and they make millions shorting these big promotion plays with little fundamentals to back up the hype.

They attacked APS pick SVEN and destroyed it, next Victory Mark’s pick PBCW, took it to the woodshed, followed by PFNI, easy pickings. I wonder who they will go after next? TBX pick LVVV maybe?

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Psychic Friends Network, Inc. (OTC: PFNI) opened up at $0.35 per share in the first week of December after the SMA alert and exploded from there. Priced at a total market valuation of just under $30 million PFNI is priced right for explosive gains!

Since the announcement from Stock Market Authority and SMA affiliate the PennyStockWizard PFNI has moved from a start point of $0.35 to highs of $0.51. It seems that SMA is trying to make up for their last pick SANP which was a disaster from start to finish. Stock Market Authority is famous for such legendary penny stock picks as Lithium Exploration Group, Inc (OTC: LEXG) which ran from a dime to a high of $11.68 per share.

The Psychic Friends Network, Inc. is a marketing and entertainment company providing on-demand psychic advice as well as daily and weekly horoscopes. PFN connects professional live psychic readers with customers via telephone (mobile and landline) and through their newly developed state-of-the-art online platform enabling interaction with video chat, voice or text chat.

During the 1990's, PFN pioneered the psychic industry with memorable television/radio marketing and infomercials. PFN is re-launching the original brand on a new technology platform that will capitalize on the latest social media and video technologies to connect psychics with consumers.

Conclusion: Although SMS started PFNI at a significantly lower price put than any of their previous picks the stock has failed to make any significant gains to date. Investors who have been around know that SMA is arguably one of the most effective promoters in the business however their recent picks have failed to do much.

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Psychic Friends Network Inc.
Marc Lasky
Peter Newton
Shares Outstanding 83,656,667
Market Cap: $29,279,833
Psychic Friends Network, Inc. (OTC: PFNI) was incorporated in the State of Nevada on May 9, 2007 under the name "Web Wizard, Inc.". On January 30, 2012 the Company's board passed a motion to change the corporate name to "Psychic Friends Network, Inc." pursuant to the plan of merger executed on January 27, 2012. As part of this agreement, all of the assets of PFN Holdings were purchased. These assets are an integral part of the Company's business development and ultimately the realization of the Company's anticipated cash flows.
The Company is in the business of website development. PFNI domain; gets significantly less traffic then
Formerly=Web Wizard, Inc. until 2-2012
Capital Change=shs increased by 10 for 1 split, Pay date=02/24/2012.
Fellow Investor:
Our newest penny stock pick has been announced: It's Psychic Friends Network, Inc. traded under the ticker PFNI on the OTCBB.
What particularly caught our eye is that PFNI is selling at a very low market cap and stock price, leaving plenty of upside for profits. 
Consider that our most recent pick featured 2 separate rallies& one of them a run from $0.331 to $1.44 — enabling some subscribers to grab a handsome 335% gain. 
This recommendation, starting at similar levels, could leave those numbers in the dust. 
PFNI, the king of professional live psychic readings via phone back in the '90s, has relaunched its legendary brand — but this time with an amazing roster of leading-edge online technologies…including an upcoming mobile app that could take share prices to the stars. 
This email is only to get this basic information into your hands as quickly as possible. Watch your inbox for instructions to receive the full research report. 
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2 Responses to Psychic Friends Network Inc. (OTC: PFNI) Stock; Its all About SMA!

  1. John says:

    Their last pick offered a rally from .331 to 1.44!
    wanna see one of your picks doing a 335%!
    what a loser you are!


    I have taken OTCMAGIC from an unknown website who first starting publishing articles on sub penny stocks that were posted on ihub and called "fake" articles by everyone to a respected high traffic domain that issues press releases on big board stocks that are picked up by all major wire services.

    Call it what u like.

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