Pub Crawl Holdings Inc. (OTC: PBCW) Its all about Victory Mark!

Now that PWEI (PWEID) is done Penny Stock Heroes is on to PBCW

Update: After months of laying dormant PBCW comes back to live exploding from $0.005 to highs near $0.02 The move does not come from any recent company developements.

Update: PBCW has dropped big through all support levels and now trades under a penny shattering any hopes of this one matching anywhere near Victory Mark’s prior pick PWEI success. So why did PBCW drop so quickly? Surely Victory Mark was smart enough to start off with a clean corporate structure where they had a measure of control of the free trading float just like on their last pick PWEI. Surely they would give PBCW every chance that PWEI had, after all their reputation is on the line.

I think what happened was out of Victory Mark’s control; the stock was attacked by the ever increasingly aggressive short position, known as the “short ball wrecking crew.” (made up of an eclectic mix of marginal MM’s, accredited investors and investment houses) They make their bread and butter shorting these big promo plays with little if any real fundamentals behind them. PWEI managed to make big gains but in the end the short position won. This time around on PBCW they were much more confident and stronger and were not prepared to wait around for months before they got their payday.

Technically damaged PBCW flounders well under a dime and the question remains; will Victory Mark put more $ into the promotion and give the stock another push? Or will they just drop it here, considering the disaster it has turned into? Even if they push it again I doubt they get it over $0.15 and even that would be temporary.

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Original Article: Pub Crawl Holdings Inc. (OTC: PBCW) has exploded on massive volume after the alert from Penny Stock Heroes and Select Penny Stocks. The new Victory Mark pick comes on the heels of the PWEI (now PWEID) collapse. Now trading at around $0.15 and illiquid PWEI is trading exactly where I predicted it would be several months out. Now that Victory mark has announced their new pick, investors are wondering if PBCW can follow in the footsteps of PWEI, which made spectacular gains after the initial announcements from SPS and PSH.
On December 3 in a significant announcement for PBCW and clearly the crux of the upcoming promotion;  Mobile Dynamic Marketing Inc., announced a merger with Pub Crawl Holdings Inc., As a result of the merger, Mr. McFadden CEO of Mobile Dynamic will become President and CEO of Pub Crawl and, together with his management team, assume the positions and responsibilities of Officers and Directors.
Mobile Dynamic Marketing is a mobile application marketing company that provides standardized app platforms for various market verticals. Each app platform provides for the delivery of a comprehensive, cost effective, mobile platform marketing solution for companies worldwide. In addition, Mobile Dynamic Marketing has several proprietary social concepts currently being developed.

Conclusion: After the epic success (at least in the short term) of PWEI investors are expecting something big from Victory Mark and just might have found it in PBCW. With a reported $500,000 promotion budget and a clean looking corp structure PBCW has a good chance for continued gains short term. Just like their last pick, PBCW has little assets and $0 revenues to date and will collapse once the stock promotion is over. For the next few weeks however, PBCW could be big!

I will be updating this article extensively as the PBCW story unfolds.

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Pub Crawl Holdings Inc.
Peter J. Kremer
Shares Outstanding: 265,500,000
Market Cap: $13,275,000
Pub Crawl Holdings, Inc. (OTC: PBCW) was incorporated in the state of Nevada on May 27, 2010. On June 14, 2010, the Company entered into an Assignment Agreement with PB LLC a California limited liability company, whereby the Company acquired a 100% interest in the member shares of PubCrawl in exchange for 5,000,000 common shares of the Company.  The Acquisition was accounted for in accordance with ASC 805-50, Related Issues, as the companies were under common control prior to acquisition. 
On September 3, 2012, the Company sold their rights to PubCrawl to the former President and Director of the Company. The Company is a development stage company as defined by FASB guidelines.
13831 Northwest Freeway
Suite 575
Houston, 77040
United States
Legal Counsel
Carrillo Huettel LLP
3033 5th Avenue, Suite 400
San Diego, CA, 92101
United States
Victory Mark Alert on PBCW:
Disclaimer: PennyStockHeroes is owned and operated by Victory Mark Corp LTD, 4 Lords Bank, Ladyville, Belize City, Belize. Questions regarding this website may be sent to The company expects to receive $500,000 USD from a third party for publication of this information. This compensation may constitute a conflict of interest as to ability to remain objective in our communication regarding the profiled company.
Hi Everyone,
With the year coming to a close, and our team coming off picks that have shown the best gains in the business, we couldn’t wait any longer to bring our subscribers our new pick:
PBCW – Pub Crawl Holdings, Inc.
Pub Crawl Holdings, Inc. is an Internet-based company, focuses on providing information on happy hours, drink specials, nightly specials, and pub crawls for bars and restaurants in various areas of the United States. It will also provide bars and restaurants with advertising packages to enable them to feature their businesses on its Websites.
We’ve all been intrigued by social media and dating sites for years now, but this type of platform seems like it could be the newest way to take advantage of both!
Whether it’s karaoke, a game of pool, or simply an easy way to organize an event with friends, Pub Crawl Holdings Inc. is a one stop shop for all of your social needs.
Our team has brought many picks this year that have seen gains of over 500% and very recently brought our subscribers PWEI which soared over 1700%. 
We truly believe that PBCW is going to be the pick that makes it a very Happy Holiday season for everyone!
Do not miss this opportunity to close out the year with a bang. There is a lot to talk about on this great company and we will be bringing more in the coming days and weeks, but in the meantime put PBCW on your radar immediately!
Happy Trading!










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