Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc. (OTC: RFMK) Sub Penny Stock Fire!

RFMK is trading tens of millions of shares everyday!

Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc. (PINK: RFMK) trading volume has exploded in recent trading sessions as the company has made some important developments. Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc. is a developer and producer of Vapor Inhaler Products. The Vapor Inhaler is a brand new and disruptive technology for medical cannabis patients, nicotine and herb users around the world. Vapor Inhaler is our retail sales, distributor and affiliate website for our products which now consist of the CANNAcig and our follow-on products.

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RFMK had made some important announcements over the past few weeks including that they have Secured First Institutional Investments of $2.2 Million with Iron ridge Consumer Co. The first investment which is nearly $700,000 will enable Rapid Fire Marketing to settle accounts payable and significantly increase its inventory of vapor inhalers; expand its product line and business operations via a new division. Additionally, the costs of the Company getting to fully reporting status will be offset significantly via the Iron ridge investment.

RFMK also announced Rapid Fire Marketing's Cheryl Shuman Appears with CANNAcig Featured on CBS TV National News Story. The segment currently entitled "Pot Moms: Women Who Prefer Cannabis over Alcohol" shot by KCBS-TV news will air in Los Angeles on the 11 p.m. newscast and syndicated nationally throughout all of the CBS network stations and affiliates.

Conclusion: RFMK is currently trading near the bottom of its long term trading range on accelerated volume. While the company has made some important developments in recent months and has developed the type of loyal following that can catapult these micro caps to explosive gains the stock has failed to move much for investors. Many expect the Tom Allinder connection to produce BBDA type runs however the underlying problem of massive dilution to pay for services, debt and anything else that comes along means that there is no shortage of stock in the public domain and RFMK does not move so easily.

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Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc.
Mike Amezquita, President
Market Value: $3,059,484
Shares Outstanding: 1,019,828,022
Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc. (PINK: RFMK) is listed on the pink sheets exchange and currently has a yield designation from OTCMarkets.com.  The company was bankrupt at one time and has gone through several reverse stock splits and name changes over the past few years including:
Formerly=N-Vision Technology, Inc. until 7-07
Formerly=Ponder Industries, Inc. until 1-01. Ponder Industries, Inc. reorganized out of Chapter XI bankruptcy and merged with N-Vision Technology, Inc. Basis: 1 sh Com for every 20 shs Ponder Industries, Inc. Com held. Rec date=12-29-00
Reverse Splits:
Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 20 split. Pay date=12-29-00
Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 100 split Pay date=07/05/2007.
Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 1000 split. Pay date=04/16/2009.
According to their website The V.I. is brand new and game changing technology for people around the world. The device uses vapor technology which is superior to any other device on the market: The V.I. is smokeless – you  will be able to consume vapor without all of the harmful effects of actual smoke. The V.I. is nearly odor free – we have tested in public places such as restaurants and bars with great results.
Being smokeless and nearly odor free allows people to use the V.I. in public places or anywhere they choose. You will no longer need to find a quiet and private place to "smoke". The V.I. allows you to "draw" as much "smoke" as desired without the unit heating up and getting too hot.
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