Santo Mining Corp (OTC: SANP) Its All About SMA; Stock Market Authority

Stock Market Authority (SMA) new pick SANP is off to the Races!

Update: SANP is Done!
Stock Market Authority has moved on. Their new pick is PFNI
Santo Mining Corp (OTC: SANP) recently instructed its counsel to prepare an application to FINRA regarding a 2-1 forward split of the Company's common shares. It is expected that the split will be undertaken as soon as practicable and will be administered on a 'payable upon surrender' basis; requiring shareholders to deliver their certificates to the Company's transfer agent in order to receive their new post-split shares.
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After months of wasting millions on an aggressive Google PPC add word campaign for their two primary domains; and SMA aka Stock Market Authority has finally announced their new big pick; Santo Mining Corp (OTC: SANP)

SANP has had 3 major short attacks now which is the normal limit for SMA. In other words SANP is done.

We can look at prior SMA picks which have a history of explosive gains followed by epic drops to make a prediction on how this one will trade. Look no further then SMA previous picks LEXG, RAYS and SEFE; LEXG of course was by far the most successful exploding to an incredible $11.68 per share. RAYS and SEFE which came afterwards never reached anywhere near that success and died long before they reached the $3 mark although SEFE got pretty close reaching an all time high of $2.93

According to their most recent pr SANP is an aggressive junior minerals exploration and development Company, based in the Dominican Republic. The Company is actively pursuing acquiring and exploring of properties, which are strategically located in the prolific and highly prospective Hispaniola Gold-Copper Back-Arc area in the Dominican Republic.

SANP is certainly not short on promotional material and the emails which boast a $3.85mm production budget (most certainly hard mailers) only hint of what’s coming, they say “Tap into the Next Gold Rush Global gold demand could top 4,400 tons this year — worth $221.5 billion — an increase of 16% over 2011. One company has secured claims in the heart of the Western Hemisphere's richest gold find — containing about $40 billion of the Midas metal. Early-in investors in this ONE stock pick could turn $10,000 into $100,000…

While Santo Mining has recently acquired some claims in the D.R the Company is not currently mining any Gold and they never will. What really matters here is Stock Market Authority (SMA) the documented $3,850,000 promotional budget for SANP and the 25,462,496 free trading seed holder’s shares (purchased at an average price of $0.0013 per share) which are currently being liquidated.

Conclusion:  SANP is a Penny Stock Promotion by SMA famous for previous stock promotions such as SEFE and RAYS. While the promotion continues we can expect a continued move up marked by significant volume and lots of NEWS coming from the Company. The latest pick is particularly flimsy and has been the subject of several successful short attacks which has decimated the share price. While SANP may continue up in the short term remember that SMA picks can drop 80% in minutes – when the end comes and its coming you don’t want to be left holding the bag. 


Santo Mining Corp
Al French
Rosa Ruiz
Salvador Brouwer
Shares Outstanding: 64,352,005
Market Cap: $109,398,408
Current Price: $1.70
Target Price (Where I suggest you sell) $2.50

According to their filings SANP was incorporated in the State of Nevada on July 8, 2009.  From inception the company was engaged in the operation of a website portal,, where both dentists and patients could access dental information, as well as operating a teeth whitening business. After realizing that this business was a complete dead end or maybe not sexy enough to launch a multi-million dollar stock promotion on management decided to redirect the business and pursue mineral exploration property with the focus on gold and other precious metals.  

In March 2012 SANP changed their name to Santo Mining Corp and on March 26 they did a 1-for-4.5 forward stock split. This was followed by a 4-for-1 reverse stock split in July and SANP came out of shell status.

For legal counsel they chose Anslow Jaclin (TAON, SVSE, PFMS, FLMC, YTRV, HLTD, OMVE, BRND, QWTR, HRAA, SAEI) and for IR they chose Circadian Group (IAGM, PFNI, FGLD, AGRT)

The share structure is as follows:

Total Shares Outstanding (OS) 63,900,005
Restricted shares owned by CEO 32,283,003
Seed Shareholders (free trading) 25,462,496 (these are the shares that SMA Is liquidating into the stock promotion)
Restricted shares owned by Rosa Ruiz 5,216,997
Restricted shares Private Placement 1,339,500
Final word of advice everyone: Ultimately SANP shares will trade for well under $0.50. SMA is very good at building an upward bound liquid market that seems like it will go on forever. It will not; SMA picks have a history of collapsing and this one will too.

(according to SMA Hype)
In recent years, we've seen how gold juniors can jump 200%500% or even 2,000%.  Well, SANP is following exactly that path, staking out 3 claims within the same region as the biggest names in gold…and seeking to add to their collection.
CLAIM 1: Sandwiched between Barrick and Goldcorp's $40 billion mother lode and Perilya's Cerro de Maimon. [Source: Santo Mining Corp.]
CLAIM 2: Between three massive mineral finds, including the gold-rich Barrick and Perilya sites and adjacent to Falcondo Xstrata's 49.6 million ton nickel complex. [Source: Falcondo Xstrata]
CLAIM 3: Surrounded by numerous placer and historical gold discoveries…such as Everton Resources' Fresso mine and Unigold's Sabaneta and Neita properties. [Source: Santo Mining Corp.]

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