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APS cancels SLIO as their pick!

Update: SLIO was another APS speculation play that spelled huge losses for investors; I had this to say about the stock at the time:
Now they send out an email canceling SLIO as their pick and the stock tanks just a like so many other APS speculation disasters that created countless bag holders such as VLNX, RARS, AWSR, PGSY and many others. Of course, anyone with half a brain knows the obvious. APS did not cancel the pick because of the way it traded. What happened today on SLIO was completely contrived and planed to happen this way from the start. Somebody made millions today.
Solo International is an exploration and development mining company with a focus on deposits of rare earth metals and rare earth elements (REEs). The Company is focused on the acquisition, exploration, production, development and potentially, the operation of mining properties in strategic bulk mineable industrial metals (such as REEs, Titanium and Phosphates) sectors of eastern Canada. All of the Company's properties are currently at the exploration stage in Quebec. 

On November 18 SLIO announced that they have completed their initial survey which consisted of prospecting and locating historic apatite mine sites and sampling of the mine sites located.

For the time being be very carefull with SLIO. I don't trust APS for a minute and half their picks tank right out of the gate. Also I have only received the email from an affiliate not APS themselves.

Conclusion: Currently trading for a dime SLIO will almost certainly go much higher from here in the short term.  APS last pick went up 400% and this one is starting as cheap as they come. Trading at a mere $23 million market valuation APS picks have soured to market valuations over several hundred million in the past. SLIO is just getting started.


To find out the inside scoop on SLIO subscribe to right now. Also everyone should know, we have something HUGE coming!
Solo International, Inc.
Yury Shcharbako
Shares Outstanding 288,200,000
Market Cap: $23,056,000

Solo International, Inc. (OTC: SLIO). was founded in the State of Nevada on April 30, 2010 as a Poland based corporation intending to provide services in interior architectural design in Poland.

Capital Change=shs increased by 100 for 1 split, payable upon surrender. Pay date=10/21/2011.

APS affiliate PennyStockHeroes email: 


We released SLIO this afternoon with good intentions but after watching the trading closely, and seeing some activity that is out of our control, we owe it to our valued subscribers to cancel our pick on SLIO. 
The subscribers that have been with us for the long haul know that we have vowed to level with them in all circumstances good and bad. Unfortunately we have fallen under less than desirable circumstances and have no option but to pull away from this pick.
Obviously we never want to do this but we are very unhappy that we have to do it coming off of a 1700% gainer. We understand that you are only as good as your last pick, and the bottom line is this is our most recent pick.
With that all said we will be bringing you the kind of pick you have to come to expect from us in the near future. We will reach out when we are ready to go, and hope our loyal subscribers will stand by us.
Thank you
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