TAGG and APS Finally a Winning Formula!

TagLikeMe Corp and AwesomePennyStocks.com are made for each other

Update: Since its highs of $0.479 several weeks ago TagLikeMe Corp (PINK:TAGG) has continued to crash down through all support levels as we predicted it would. Currently trading at a nickel Investors are hoping for a miracle. The stock continues to trade excellent volume and has show some upside in recent sessions but regardless of any positive events on TAGG APS and affiliates still have millions of shares to liquidate and long term TAGG will drop more.
APS recently announced SVEN as their new pick.

In many past promotions AwesomePennyStocks has used Flip Ventures LLC (Gabe Nix & Drew Ciccarelli) and the many domains that they control to give the stock that final lift and injection of buy volume so that they may sell (to you) their final blocks of stock. The flip side of this of course is that once Flip Ventures stops spending money marketing the stock and APS has sold all their shares the stock will drop like a rock. At this point it looks as if this has happened with TAGG.

Conclusion: TagLikeMe Corp. (OTC: TAGG) traded in a range between $0.10 and $0.15 for several weeks before breaking out of its range and making an explosive move up to a high of $0.479 Since then the stock has had a major drop through all support levels and currently trades for around a nickel. As everyone knows APS picks have a history of highly explosive moves followed by epic drops; this fall on TAGG was entirely predictable.

OTCmagic.com has a history of highly explosive picks which gave huge gains to our subscribers; we alerted CBIS @0.03 that went on to a high of $0.25 for 850% gains and we have something huge coming so please subscribe right now.

To get the inside scoop on TAGG make sure you are subscribed to OTCMagic.com

TagLikeMe Corp. (OTC: TAGG)

Recent pr's include:

TAGG has received approval of its iOS/iPad app version of TagLikeMe that is available immediately through Apple's iTunes® store. 
TAGG has planned the release of its mobile apps for three of the major mobile platforms by Q4 2012. 
TAGG has commenced development of the mobile Windows Surface 8 Tablet App of its social search and sharing platform TagLikeMe.com
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14 Responses to TAGG and APS Finally a Winning Formula!

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    Update: $0.28 is the price to beat and TAGG is coming back after showing strong support at $0.25 If it breaks over $0.28 today it wil go higher.


    $0.28 is Gone! on to new highs!

  4. Debbie says:

    TAGG is a pump and dump in my opinion………I tried to find the "taglikeme" or "tagg" app on my iphone thru the itunes store and theres no such thing!!!!!!! I feel its priviliged information that most people dont know about when to buy or sell this stock to make profits. I think huge mailings go out to so many potential investors, then many buy it and when they realize its not what they think it is, they sell it.  Like PT Barnum said…………."theres one born every minute"…….
    Do your Due diligence everyone!!!!

  5. Barb says:

    Hm. I had no problem downloading Taglikeme me from the app store. I am using it right now as a matter of fact, and actually really like it!


    Regardless of if the app works or not TAGG was the subject of a massive stock promotion by AwesomePennyStocks (APS) who has a history of prior picks that all end up trading for a few pennies or less.

  7. Johney says:

    I think I was misled by APS claiming that all these big things were in the works for TAGG and Microsoft was going to buy them and Facebook etc, blah, blah, blah… I bought in at .35 and now am holding stock that is at .10. Not happy! I will never go with an APS stock pick again or if I do I will dump it as soon as I see prifit. My only option now is to hold on to TAGG in the hopes it will go up again long enough for me to break even!

  8. I owned tagg .12 and sold @.34 saw it hit .49. the object of the game is owning the stock at the low end ride! This is a stock with no real earnings, fairly new to the market and just got new listing exposure,that is what we saw going to .49 then the new exposure saw that ther was no real #'s they began to tank the stock. This co. has potential to be a real situation @1.27pr shr. so if you own this stock @ the high end still own it ,she comes back for some reason this stock is not mkt sensitive. buy more!!!!!!!!

  9. Don't forget to check aftermarket trades prior to the open this is where you get a solid indication of its direction going into the next trading session!!!!!!!

  10. OTCMAGIC STAFF says:

    Richard: There is no after hours on the otcbb or pinks. Any trades that you see printed after the close are "T trades" basically a market maker filling a large order for a client will paint the tape after the close with the average price the order was executed as well as total volume of shares executed (this is why afterhours trades are usually really big)

    If the price of the "T Trade" was near the bottom of the days avrg price that means the order was sell. If it was executed near the top of the days range it was most likely a buy.

  11. Luis says:

    I bought TAGG @ .39 cents a share. I feel like  such a fool since I kept telling my friend how Penny Stock schemes work. Now I'm down. about $400.00 bucks no biggie. I was trying to get out at a slight profit but like Mr. Finney said who knows maybe it may take off again. As for now its wishful thinking.  🙁

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