Tiger Oil and Energy, Inc. (OTC: TGRO) It’s All About StockTips!


TGRO Explodes on the OTCBB!

Tiger Oil and Energy, Inc. (OTC: TGRO) has exploded upward on massive volume after the alert from stocktips.com famous for the recent promotion of PGLO.

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The stock opened up at $0.25 per share and has quickly moved over $1 per share in response to the documented $1.1 million promotional campaign paid by 3rd party Laluna, Inc., to Amerada Corp (AC) which operates stocktips. This is a multi-million dollar promotion using the internet and over the top promotional videos to sell TGRO.

Stocktips.com has sprung up out of nowhere in recent months with the massive promotion of PGLO and now TGRO. Could this be the now defunct Stock Market Authority (SMA) reincarnated?


According to the recent press release TGRO is a diversified oil exploration company expanding its portfolio of projects with value added acquisitions and participations. TGRO previously closed an exchange agreement with Jett Rink Oil, LLC, wherein the Company acquired 100% of Jett Rink Oil, LLC. With this purchase, the Company acquired interests in two oil and gas leases located in Creek County, State of Oklahoma, together with all equipment located thereon.

The promotional material is over the top as it was on PGLO. It states that "I have come across a little known gem of a company that is right in the center of the fracking revolution that Buffett and the large institutional investors are betting on.”

The company is called Tiger Oil and Energy Inc. ( TGRO ) and they are a small company based in Nevada. What Tiger Oil and Energy Inc. ( TGRO ) does is locate either wells that were once producing oil before the advances in fracking came about and then reopen those wells using the new fracking technology, or find wells that are in presently productive regions and begin drilling, of course using fracking as well."

Conclusion: TGRO is making a parabolic move up on massive off the promotion from stocktips.com. Currently trading at a $60 million market valuation TGRO has no fundamentals whatsoever to back up the aggressive, over the top multi-million dollar promotion from stocktips. Short term TGRO could go way higher (PGLO was wildly volatile running from $0.20 to $1, back to $0.20 and then back up to $0.70) and promises to be a highly volatile and wild ride. A few months from now when it’s all over the stock will probably be illiquid at a few pennies per share.

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Tiger Oil and Energy, Inc.
Kenneth B. Liebscher
Howard Bouch

Shares Outstanding: 42,728,159
Market Cap: $12,861,176

Tiger Oil and Energy, Inc. (OTC: TGRO) was incorporated under the laws of the state of Nevada as B-N-B Enterprises, Inc in 1993. In August 2010 the Company changed their name to Tiger Oil and Energy, Inc.



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