Vision Plasma Systems Inc. (OTC: VLNX) Is Not AwesomePennyStocks (APS) New Pick!

VLNX another Fake APs pick!

Update on VLNX and APS here:

Update: We were one of the only websites out there calling VLNX a fraud from the beginning and warning people to stay away. Now AwesomePennyStocks  (APS is sending out pre alert emails letting everyone know that a NEW PICK will be coming very soon!

As most know by now APS picks can be great and they can also be disasters so make sure you are subscribed to so that you get our updates on APS picks! To subscribe right now just scroll up and enter your email in the provided box!

Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. (PINK: VLNX) has exploded today trading well over $20M in dollar volume after the announcement from PremimumStockReport that this was APS next big pick. The stock opened up around $0.20 and quickly exploded to highs over $0.30

PremiumStockReport is an APS affiliate the promises to give the next APS pick long before everyone else on the free sits. The problem with VLNX as APS pick is that this is a Pink Sheet Stock. Why would APS who does $100M + promotions stoop to a Pink after all their success?

I am not saying VLNX is not APS next pick; it might be and it might not be. It has not been officially announced by APS, just by an affiliate. Would you really put it past APS to fake everyone out AGAIN? I certainly wouldn’t. This could easily be an Ugly Trick.

Conclusion: Forget PremiumStockReport and their bogus claims and wait for the official alert from AwesomePennyStocks (ASP) when you see that email in your inbox you know it’s for real. The reward of getting in a bit cheaper than everyone else is not worth the risk of getting killed when its confirmed its not APS official pick.

Vision Plasma Systems, Inc.
Timothy P. Volk CEO, Secretary
Garett Parsons
Shares Outstanding 375,148,786
Market Cap: $37,514,879

Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. (pink sheets: VLNX) is a technology company that has developed a Mobile Plasma Gasification System for the Complete Remediation of Hazardous Wastes. The power and opportunity in Vision Plasma System's proprietary Arc Master I lies in mobility and flexibility.The system can be located close to the source of hazmat, which largely eliminates the need for long haul transportation of dangerous materials on highway,rail and barge systems. The system also can be up and operating within one hour of arrival on site.

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3 Responses to Vision Plasma Systems Inc. (OTC: VLNX) Is Not AwesomePennyStocks (APS) New Pick!

  1. ray rodriguez says:

    Send me info

  2. Bob Burnside says:

    I tried 2 buy vlnx this morning & ing shaerbuilders would not let me buy it…. what trading company do you like 4 otc


    Hi Bob. Check the link for info on penny stock brokers:

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